Drupal Server Migration

Services we provide in Server Migrations


Configure Varnish / Memcache

It is our general practice to configure modules like Memcache or Varnish to ensure better performance of our clients' websites.


Version Control

Being an Open source web development company, we use Git for Version Control which is known for its speed and efficiency.


Multi environment setup

We will generally set up development, staging and production environments on your server once the website migration is complete.


Auto Backup

We’ll configure your server to auto backup your website at regular intervals which ensures our safety whenever a problem occurs.


Apache solr

We setup and configure Apache Solr which is a powerful search indexing module for your website enabling a better search.


Multi-site Setup

We have migrated Multi site setup to different servers. We have handled multi-site setup in Drupal with more than 12 sites in one Drupal setup.

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