Drupal Maintenance and support

Services included in our Maintenance and support package

Drupal.org releases new updates for various core modules every now and then. These updates cover mostly fixes in security and occasionally new features. It is always good to stay safe by updating the modules as soon as an update is available. We help you to be safe by updating your core modules as soon as an update is available!

Drupal core update

The module contributors release frequent updates for their modules which cover various security fixes and new features. Updating these to the latest version ensures safety of our website. We ensure the safety of your website by keeping your contributed modules up-to-date.

Drupal contrib update

Bugs in websites are unavoidable but can be fixed. We are experts in analyzing websites for bugs and fixing them. We would also be available round the clock whenever a critical issue has occurred.

Contrib module issues

Here are few frequently asked requirements in maintenance and support

YES! we give maximum priorities to the critical issues. It will be addressed within a hour of reporting the issue to us. If you are a new customer, we will address the issue once we get the neccesarry details. Even before our initial payment!
Feature requests are not included in maintenance and support. So, we provide separate quote and time frame for your new feature
YES! we have a basic package (monthly/yearly) which is tailored just for core and module update and it's pricing will amaze you.


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